Mrs. Henry presents THE LAST WALTZ - 2 Disc CD


Mrs. Henry presents THE LAST WALTZ - 2 Disc CD


Mrs. Henry presents THE LAST WALTZ

41 years after the initial event, Mrs. Henry took the stage at The Belly Up in San Diego to pay respect to The Last Waltz. “The idea of doing The Last Waltz was brought to us backstage before we were going on to play a show,” said Dan Cervantes.  “I immediately knew it was something we had to do, although I was completely terrified by the amount of work, planning and rehearsing I was signing myself up for.” “We knew if we didn’t do it, someone else would have,” added Jody Bagley.  The band knew if they did it, they would have to do it right.  “We all completely understood what that meant in every way,” Cervantes assured.  

While some could have simply viewed the undertaking as a tribute, Mrs. Henry’s performance was far beyond mere mimicry; it was a full celebration. Much how the Last Waltz featured an array of noteworthy guests to help round out the lineup, Mrs. Henry called on the help of friends to do the same. Featuring some of San Diego’s most notable musicians, (members of The Schizophonics, Sacri Monti and Louise XIV), the performance that took months of preparation was nothing short of magic. In doing so, Mrs. Henry didn’t simply perform a tribute to the concert; they truly tapped into the spirit of collaboration that made the original event such a momentous occasion. 

Blind Owl Records is proud to present this fantastic performance to you as a 3xLP set, housed in a high quality LP jacket designed by artist Roy G. Biv. We’ve called on the talents of Stephen Kaye (The Growlers, Ziggy Marley) to mix this performance, and Joe Bozzi, known for his work with Last Waltz alumni Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, to handle the mastering. We wanted to give this concert the full treatment when it came to it’s release, and the result is a high quality experience that gives the listener the feeling as though they are right there in the room with the musicians themselves.

 Featuring exclusive liner notes by Noah C. Lekas, as well as photos and posters from the event, Mrs. Henry presents THE LAST WALTZ is a high quality physical medium that does justice to both the original recording while presenting this new and unique take on it.

Also included is a bonus 7” featuring studio versions of “The Weight” and “Evangeline”, only available as part of this 3xLP vinyl release. For those who prefer digital formats, Mrs. Henry presents THE LAST WALTZ is also available as a 2xCD set and streaming on Spotify.



"Mrs. Henry is undertaking a task that would set a high bar for any band and I commend them and their on-stage guests for accepting the challenge. Fans of all here, as well as Robbie Robertson’s original group and Scorsese’s documentary, might enjoy it well."—Les Revue

"A disc that brings back to life memorable moments in our history and shows how close to the true rock'n'roll spirit, country and rhythm & blues are Mrs. Henry, surprising and heartfelt in every note."—Lonestartime Italy

From San Diego, CA comes the straight-up classic rock sounds of Mrs. Henry and their latest adventure, a complete reworking of The Band's "The Last Waltz."...After months or preparation, Mrs. Henry pulled off the amazing task with flying colors, with help from Stephen Kaye (Ziggy Marley) to mix it and Joe Bozzi (Neil Young, Joni Mitchell) to master it."—JP’s Music Log

"Mrs Henry give thanks to an album and a group of special people in the only way they can, by giving the memorial of youth over to the gala of those that came before, and by doing so, the commemoration of events somehow seems colossal in its endeavour; a true piece of art rediscovered in a different time and with sincerity embedded throughout."—Liverpool Sound & Vision

"I think they did a marvelous job...definitively not an easy one, but they bring joy and passion to every note and word...GREAT!!!"-- Remo Ricaldone of American Roots Italy

"The vocals and musicianship are uniformly excellent, and for anyone who loves this music it must have been a kick to be in the audience."—Americana Highways

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